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Athleticism, intelligence and beauty

About Trakehners

Trakehners are one of the purest, oldest & most respected warmblood breeds in the world. Their blood is used as improvement for the Swedish & Dutch Warmbloods, Hannoverians, Danish & Oldenburgs (to name just a few). Trakehners are noted for their bravery, brains & athleticism. While there are few Trakehner's in the U.S. (compared to the other warmblood breeds), the Trakehner breed is well represented in Eventing, Dressage & Show Jumping. Trakehners are well-known for their floating trot & for their intelligence - which enable them to learn quickly & excell at any discipline.

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Cassel Rock Trakehners

John & Kari Cassel S
Wellborn, Florida
(501) 231-3614